About Me

Assalaamu Alaikum/Hello. 

My name is Nadia Doman. I live on the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.

Although I live on an island, I cannot swim.  In spite of that, I love water and waves. My favourite colours are royal deep sea blue, aquamarine and violet

 I do enjoy sewing, embroidery and crochet so I will show some of what I am doing or have completed.     

I had enjoyed doing hand embroidery as a child and I thought that in today’s fast paced society it was a forgotten art form. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are many who still do embroidery. I am therefore re-discovering the joy of hand embroidery and crochet. Surprisingly, it calms my mind and assists me to relax.     

I am been fascinated in particular by crazy quilting and I am excited to try it (Quilting is not a strong tradition in my country as we do not have winter).      

Unfortunately, I will not be able to show pictures of myself. I am a Muslim and we do not believe in taking pictures of people or animals. I will though, show pictures of my work.