The Slave of the Ultimate Master



Once a man bought a slave and brought him home.

The man narrated:-

When I asked the slave his name, he replied, ‘O master, you can call me by any name you like.’

I asked, ‘What work would you like to do?’

He replied, ‘Whatever my master commands me to do.’

I asked, ‘What food do you prefer for yourself?’

He said, ‘Whatever my master gives me to eat.”

I said, ‘After all you must be desiring something to eat.’

He replied, ‘A slave’s desire is of no account, when compared to his master’s wishes, a slave’s desire is what his master desires for him’

On hearing this, I was moved to tears and I said to myself,

‘You too are a slave of Allah, Who is your Lord; you should also behave towards Your Lord in in the same manner.’

I said to the slave, ‘You have taught me how to behave towards Allah, when I am alone with Him.’

Whereupon the slave recited the following:-

‘What can be more blessed for me than to serve one of your men, in a way pleasing to Him.’



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