Personal Ibadah for 2017


A new year will be starting in a few hours. This new year 2017 is from the Gregorian calendar. The Muslim new year started a while back. At that time, I usually focus on fasting for the either the 9th and 10th; or the 10th and 11th Muharram.

However since a new year is starting and persons are making resolutions. I thought that I would do the same. The picture below is a page of a little notebook that I was using for most of this year 2016 to record my Ibadah.


I had realized that if I don’t record things then I think that I have done a lot but I actually haven’t done much at all. With this in mind and the fact that Ramadhan will start shortly, I have developed two templates.

The first is actually the one that I plan to use to record what I am doing in terms of Ibadah and to psychologically motivate myself to do more

I am also adding a word document so that persons can download and tailor it to suit them



The second is one that I think a teenager would love and I wish that I had this as a teen or a preteen. It can be used to motivate a teen to increase their ‘ibadah.



I hope that you like them and if you do use them I would love to hear from you.


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