The Best Generation- He came from the tribe of thieves


“Allah guides whom He wills”

The Prophet (upon whom be peace) smiled and his face was filled with wonder and astonishment.

A man entered Makkah in disguise to search for Muhammad [peace be upon him] to listen to him. Finally after gathering much information he was able to meet him and took the Shahadah.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] asked the man where he came from…..Abu Dhar replied, “From Ghifaar.”  The Ghifaar was a tribe with a notorious reputation for theft and were known as allies of darkness and night.

Truly Allah guides whom He wills.

Abu Dhar Al-Ghifaariy was either the fifth or sixth convert of Islam when the Holy Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]was still whispering the call of Islam to himself and those who believed in him. Abu Dhar entered the Sacred House and cried as loud as he could, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.” It was the first public announcement declaring Islam and the Quraish beat him until he fell down.

Al”Abbaas, the Prophet’s uncle rescued him by a clever trick. He told them, O you Quraish! You are merchants and your route crosses over Ghifaar and this man here is one of their tribesmen. Beware, he may incite his kin against you, provoking them to rob your caravans while passing by.’

Abu Dhar returned to his tribe and not only his people, the Bani Ghifaar but the Bani Aslim accepted Islam.

After the Prophet Muhammad emigrated to Al-Madiinah, both tribes entered the city as Muslims.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]  said,

“May Allah forgive Ghifaar”

“May Allah make peace with Aslim”

and to Abu Dhar Al-Ghifaariy….

“The earth never carried above it, nor did the sky ever shade under it a more truthful tongue than Abu Dhar’s”

Generations and centuries passed away but the Prophet’s [peace be upon him] opinion about Abu Dhar stays alive in people’s memory.


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