A believer has a forcefield



Last night, I was a bit emotional at home because I had some pain and I felt as if there were snakes around; in my bedroom.

Ya Allah…!!!…

This morning, my niece was reminding me that I am protected because I read my salaahs and I read duas and in particular, the last three verses of Surah Hashr.

So that for sure, there are angels with me.

It was a much needed comfort. So many times, little duas are read and I would forget the implications of them in my life and at the slightest problem, I would panic.

And a short while ago, one of my friends was scolding me:-

‘You always panic; think the worst of yourself and expect that you would be abandoned…!!!…’

‘If Allah had abandoned you, he wouldn’t have given you the privilege to read another salaah, read the Holy Qur’an or even taken his name in dhikr




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