Preparations for Embroidery

I have joined the Take A Stitch Tuesday Facebook Group. However, I have not been able to get the time to do any of the stitches as yet due to the quantity of work at my regular job. I have been rather jealously looking at everyone else’s work.
I have been able over the last few days, to organize so that I can do some embroidery.
I wanted to make a long sampler with each of the stitches…
Firstly, I sourced some material. In Trinidad and Tobago, this fabric is called brown cotton even though it is off-white. It is a cotton material that looks natural.
I cut four long strips as you can see in the picture and then I used a regular pencil to draw lines. I decided that 8″ X 4″ would be a good sample size that I could use.


A close up of the pencil markings on the fabric. I haven’t decided as yet if I’m going to use a back stitch for the lines.


I also have one of my chatelaines.


And for this I made three chatelaines with split rings of stranded embroidery cotton. Stranded embroidery cotton is easily available here.


To get other types of thread for embroidery, I’d have to purchase them online. Later on, I may decide to do that…….
I’m currently pleased with myself…
I have organised so that I can start stitching very soon.



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