Reusable Wipes – wet or dry



Sometimes I may use wet wipes………… And reading the pack of wet wipes, I bought made me realize just how many chemicals there are in them.

So I decided to make my own…..I used a material that is actually called diaper material in Trinidad. It’s a very loose weave absorbent cotton. Since I was trying this, I took one yard and stitched the cut ends


Then I spread it on the bed and folded it in half length ways and cut along the folded edge.



I stitched along the cut edge and folded them in half and cut and stitched again


Eventually, I ended up with little rectangle bags approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. I left them open at the top so that I can use them in single or double thicknesses. So actually they are like little bags.


I am so pleased. They did not take long to sew; I can throw them with the washing when they get dirty; they are a convenient size and I was able to get around a dozen. That’s enough to last me a week


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