The hijab gives women FREEDOM to be themselves




Recently, I’ve been told how chained our women are by our religion. Muslim men are allowed to  have more than one wife and wear so much clothes. And don’t I feel to take some of my clothes off and be free; and don’t I want to know what it feels like to have the wind blowing through my hair.

So I’ve been analyzing…………………

Why should I wish to feel the wind blowing through my hair when the creator of the wind is pleased with me.

How do I know that he is pleased with me…………………..

I know that he is  pleased with me because  in the midst of my job and dealing with so many non-Muslims on a daily basis, he has not caused me to lose my iman and my hijab has not come off my head.

So I did that picture to allow the students, most of whom are non-Muslims, to see that their version of reality is different from mine.

In my version of reality, it’s my choice and I am happy that my Allah Ta’ala has given me that sukoon e dil to feel as if my hijab is part of my ‘self.’ Not only this, but to find comfort and peace wearing my hijab.

Freedom means that I only allow persons to see what I choose to let them see of me. And I don’t  have to worry about beauty and what is currently in fashion. I have the freedom to  develop my own style.

And since the beginning of 2015, I have been enjoying myself by sewing 95% of my wardrobe.

It been a delight to indulge the artistic side of myself.






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