Since 2014, I have not gotten a chance to deep clean the house.
Very delinquent of me, I know.
Now I have a myriad of excuses…..
We have a family business and there were audits in 2014 for most of the year. I had to travel to England in August 2014 and my son got married in October 2014. And work is always so hectic and earlier this year, there was another audit.
So it was very hectic.
However in August 2014, my son ensured that the house was ‘spick and span’ because he wanted to get married.
So now it is time to get cracking and clean.


I have bought and gathered implements such as scrubbers, buckets, cleaning cloths and spray bottles
And I have done some research.
I have a wooden painted house and my research tells me that I can use dishwashing liquid (Sqezy) and vinegar.


So I made this mixture, one-third dishwashing liquid and two-thirds vinegar, filled in a spray bottle, sprayed the walls and then wiped with clean water. My son was home and helped with the high parts of the walls that I couldn’t reach.
Worked like a charm and I didn’t have to use any bleach.
Bleach irritates my fingers.
So it was a flurry of cleaning.


So the walls on the inside of the house is sparkling clean.
I just have some packing and organizing to do.
I am extremely pleased.
Ramadhan is expected to start soon.
Its the first year that I have done so much cleaning before the holy month actually starts.




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