A Chatelaine – Rings

      I do not get much time to sew. Because of that, sometimes I misplace things so that I have to spend time looking for needles and such like instead of sewing.
      I very recently went to a craft shop and while waiting to be attended to, saw the large ring in the photograph. and realized that it can fit through my hands. I bought on and use it to make a chatelaine.
 Basically what I did was to attach split rings to the large ring and then attached cute
little items to each split ring.
This was a tiny little bag that I found in a store to be attached to a key ring. I just attached it to a split ring and I intend to use it to put buttons.



This is little bag was done in thread crochet to hold a thimble

p1000236  p1000235

I found the pattern for this bag on the internet on the first site that I came across on crazy quilting. I think the bag was used when making hussifs. the bag has a tiny bead that is used as a stopper to close the bag


This pincushion was made with flannel and stuffed with polyfill. I had taken it to fabric store to get a grommet hole punched. Those grommets are put in fabric stores for persons, usually secondary school children who need to get grommets made for fabric belts for their school uniforms.


Since I was using a round theme, I used flannel to make a round needlebook, with a tiny pocket for a needle threader

p1000419 p1000421

The scissors case took the longest to make. It was made with pink felt with the same rose patterned flannel on the inside. I embroidered flowers and leaves and added a few beads to it.

A Chatelaine - Rings


The finished chatelaine…………..



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