My Fancy Treasure Box



This is my treasure chest.

Well……………………. not exactly.

Last year during Ramadhan, my son bought a Rimax toolbox for me. It is made of plastic and has three drawers with sections and a carrying handle


Since I wear a hijab, I usually use lots of pins and fancy clips and many times I lose them. My son is accustomed finding pins and clips on the floor or on the tables. And he would usually present them to me with much flourish.

So what I did was make pincushions to fit four of the sections and put all my pins and clips in the three drawers.

I even had space for my foundation, magic lipstick and a few keys


This is a picture of my treasure box standing on a table in my bedroom. Now it is easy to coordinate my clips with everything I wear. And it is also easy to replace. My son still finds a few pins on the floor but much less than previously.

So now I would hear about ‘housekeeping.’

Everything has a place and everything must be in its place.


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