A Faux Chenille Baby Blanket


One of my members of staff is having a baby very soon and her birthday was in September.
I wanted to make a few baby things for her so I made a faux chenille blanket in white and blue flannel.

It’s the first time that I have tried this and I think that the next time I will sew it a bit closer. But it was really soft and fuzzy and it was only washed once.

I also had a bit of difficulty getting it to lie flat and straight because the border is doubled and frilly.
I told Kezelle that she could use this one as a ‘lovey’ blanket.
Something soft and warm to hug in the last few months; something with her scent and a connection with her son before he is even born.

I also made two burp cloths. These burp cloths are nice because one side is flannel and the other side is a diaper material. I didn’t  have time to sew any more and I used all the flannel in the blanket.


And a mint green washrag made with towelling material and edged with matching satin bias binding



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