The King’s Falcon



I had read the commentary by Shaikh-ul-Arab Wal Ajam Arifbillah Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Damat Barakaatuhum) of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Ma-aarif E Mathnawi of the Story of the Falcon and the Owls.

The story tells of a king’s falcon that flew away from the palace and landed in some ruins inhabited by owls. As soon as the owls saw him coming in their midst, the owls started protesting and objecting against his arrival, saying:                                                                         “This falcon wants to take over our ruins for himself”.

The falcon hearing this accusation was bewildered and perplexed and said to them:

“I shall not tarry here among you but shall return to the king. You may keep your ruins to yourself. My place is with the king and near the crown”.

The owls replied:
“This falcon is busy with a deceitful plan. He wants to oust us
from these ruins and claim them for himself. And he wants to take possession of our homes and with his flattering and clever plans, intends to destroy our nests”.
The falcon got the impression that the owls were going to attack him and thus warned them:

“If through your mischief one of my wings should break. The king who cherishes me, will attack and destroy your whole neighborhood. The king’s bounty and kindness protects me. And wherever I go, his protective glance is over me. I am in the thoughts of the king at all times.  And without me, his heart becomes sad. I am a Royal falcon and for that all envy me. How can stupid owls understand my position?”

There are times when the friends of Allah Ta’ala, who
are like the royal falcons and the beloved of Allah Ta’ala, are
looked at by the stupid, worldly ones, in the same manner as
the owls. Similarly, we find those who trouble them because of
their wrong reasoning and conceptions. Allah Ta’ala, however,
protects them. They are never for one moment out of the sight
of the Master, no matter where they go.

As Allah Ta’ala says to
the Rasul (Sallellaho Alaihe Wasallam)
“For verily you are within Our sight”.
In other words,

“O Muhammad, these non-believers cannot
destroy you for you are at all times in Our sight and under Our


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